If I’ve learned anything from this week, and perhaps certain times over the past few years of living in DC, it’s this. Don’t Volunteer. just don’t.. for anything.. in the long run it’s much easier.

More recently I’ve seen situations where others in that organization that you volunteered for want nothing more than to see you fail, maybe because they tried and failed in the past, maybe they want to do what you’re doing even though they know they can’t, or hell maybe they just don’t like you. It may be subtle or overt comments, it may be direct action or inaction, but it happens… and it hurts like a bi-yotch.

The other situation is when you’re herding cattle.. or cats. People who hold no positions, yet belong to the organization are happy to sit on their asses and let people do all the work. There’s really nothing wrong with that type of person, since in most places, by their very presence they contribute.

The real problem is when the former types manage to whip the latter types into a rally behind their cause to see someone go down. It feels like you can do nothing right, or nothing is good enough. That’s how I feel right now with the gaylactic network. I took over web duties as a favor to a friend, well former-friend, who asked me to do it. I tried to work with the previous webmaster that had basically been fired, and he was resistant all the way.. still is as a matter of fact, and as you might have guessed, he’s the one that I strongly suspect doesn’t want to see anyone else (or at least me) do well at this job. So I’ve stepped down. I feel like it’s the right thing to do, even if for the wrong reasons. I don’t feel bitter about it, I just hope that the people who take up the position after me have better luck dealing with the membership. And it’s one less thing on the stress side of the scales that I feel I have to counterweight.

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