Daily Archive: May 27, 2005


the woozy yenta

Jenifer’s eye surgery went well, Lori just called to let me know and Jenifer wanted to talk to me, she sounds really out of it, but did let me know that the anesthesiologist was very cute and sarcastic-witty and that...


3 Days, no Taste

Coming from a city government, “scheduling conflict” ranks right up there with “wardrobe malfunction.” So they decided to try moving the Taste of DC to Memorial Day while somehow completely forgetting about the Annual Memorial Day Parade and citing citywide...


The return of ‘Doctor Who’

CNN.com – The return of ‘Doctor Who’ – May 27, 2005 It does state that the show isn’t yet broadcast in the states, though wisely ignores the fact most US fans haven’t missed a single ep of the new series....