Daily Archive: May 2, 2005


vibrant FOX schedule

Family Guy had its triumphant return to FOX last night, but they just couldn’t start off without a jab to their cancellation in the first place. Peter Griffin explains it all. [9MB mpg file] *grin*



As everyone else is noticing, Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Erasure shows have been postponed. Details on the reschedule dates will be posted as they become available. Well shit. But at least I won’t miss bowling.


mystery box…

About the time of Earth Day, a box appeared in our office, near the printer. Visible through the slot of the box were a bunch of sheets of paper, so we assumed, “Hey! Finally a recycling bin!” – something I’ve...


not a remake! *phew*

I just watched the trailer for Bewitched, it’s NOT a remake, thank the stars, it’s more a movie *about* a remake and accidentally casting a real witch… It still looks funny though. I’m in serious need of an ass-kicker. Something,...


put your 2 cents in

I used to love the heyday of paid to surf/paid to click programs, but each and every one closed down or was fraudulent in some way. Still I’m a sucker for them when they come around, and the less I...