Daily Archive: May 31, 2005


would Miss Manners approve?

The response Mike thinks I should send to the guy who, yet again, failed to call when he said he would… Dear Asshat, I’m sorry that you were in that horrible accident that broke both your hands and rendered you...


Star Wars: The Science of Consistency

From Metaphilm, Star Wars, The Science of Consistency [On fictional universes and the fans who rationalize them.] It’s a wonderful article about how, if at all, some fiction writers where the fiction expands to encompass a universe all its own...


neverending conversation

I’m sure everyone has experienced, in one form or another, that conversation born out of desperation in the morning at the office. Usually started by someone shortly after they come in, not even having logged onto the network or opened...


weekend to remember

So much for trying to post every day. But alas it was a good (overall) weekend, high points and low points here and there though.