smart, but dangerous

I was headed in this morning after sleeping in a wee bit, and saw a gaggle of metro workers huddling around a corner in the Columbia Heights station. Turns out they were installing a Chevy Chase ATM. My co-workers haven’t noticed any in stations near them, but a quick jaunt to Metro’s site shows this, Metro press release: ATMs installed in Metrorail stations.

I can see this being a good thing and a bad thing. More convenient money, yay! More convenient money, *evil cackle*…

And once again the local Starbucks lets me down with cashiers that .. I dunno, don’t speak English maybe? Or speak it enough to hear “coffee” but not “house blend” instead of “cafe verona”.. So I’ve had to really cream and sugar down my coffee because I got the “bold” tasting one instead of the mild one. This isn’t really worth writing a letter over, I just wish they’d get their shit together behind the counter!

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