warm breezes are nice

Phone booth at the National Gallery of ArtLast night was just plain wonderful. I left work a bit early after my manager declared the temperature outside in the 80s and had a lovely commute home to an overheated apartment, so up with the windows and off with the clothes.. Mmmmm, feels like freedom.

I caught up on the current season of Charmed, actually pretty interesting after filling in the gaps I haven’t seen. Never trust anyone dressed like goths that promise you Utopia. Also got a bit more cleaned up around the house, but was wishing that I had a network video streamer hooked into the tv, watching old eps on the laptop over the network was fine, but the couch is more comfy leaning back without a laptop on ya. Perhaps tonight I’ll watch Dr. Who ep 2.. or I might have a date, I dunno. It will not be with someone from gay.com last night who, though seemed really nice and worked in interior design for an embassy.. his profile said that he not only smoked, but also “occasionally” used recreational drugs. When asked to confirm or deny this (since some people don’t always fill out the profile properly), he said it was true, and I told him that I appreciated the interest but couldn’t return it. Ah well.

I was going to file my taxes last night, but then was repeatedly told by someone, that had only IMd me far too late at night to ask for a hook up, that I could do them for free through the IRS’ website. This morning turned out he was right and got my Fed done for free, and I can do the state through the DC website this evening as my laundry tumbles. There’s very little that’s better than free.

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