soda review: Berkley & Jensen Kiwi Lime Sparkling Water Beverage

In a word, GROSS. I looked them up on the web and it turns out they are just BJs “gourmet food” line. I guess this shouldn’t surprise me, I got it from the 2nd floor convenience store in the building so naturally they buy at bulk places. I probably should have been tipped off by the name “sparkling water beverage” right on the label, but I’m not very hungry for lunch and I figured a sparkly would get me through it. Sodas haven’t really been on the list for me lately, too fizzy, too sweet, etc. And I’m not fond of belching intermittently for over an hour after drinking one (as my co-workers can verify).

It’s sweetened with Splenda and I think that’s its downfall. You can barely taste the kiwi or lime flavoring for all the SWEET in it. If I sniff it, I smell a hint of kiwi flavoring, but my tongue can’t detect it. It tastes like oversweetened Kool Aid made with seltzer water. I’ve never been to a BJ’s before, my company offers a discounted membership, but in this area I’d need a car to shop there, so *eh*. But I won’t make the mistake of buying this again. And now that bit from “Friends” is going through my head where Monica doesn’t make a key lime pie, but a kiwi lime pie and it causes Ross an allergic reaction. If only I could burn that memory off in trade for something more useful.

If you really need something sweet tasting with no calories, no caffeine, no carbs and no sodium.. that isn’t actual soda, then maybe this is up your alley. But I think I’ll stick to lime or orange “hinted” seltzer from the grocery store.

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  1. Diane Kerwin says:

    I agree! The Lime sparkling beverage by Berkley & Jensen is GROSS! I took one sip and thought I swallowed a tablespoon of artificial sweetener. The label says naturally flavored but they lie on their front label. When you actually read the ingredients it does say sucralous and it also has a preservative. I thought using sugar was the natural way to sweeten a drink. Don’t buy it, waste of money and you never get the sugary taste out of your mouth.

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