home and dry

Made it home, much drama making it to the airport…

We were let out early at 2pm, my plans were to take the shuttle from the office to Dulles, so I hung around for a while and decided to catch an early bus around 3:30. So I’m out there, waiting.. and a crowd forms, eventually turning into a line. (We DC people are too good to do the whole “You were here first, you go ahead.” We must have lines) Time passes… and the bus doesn’t show up. We’re calling WMATA, people are devising cabs, etc. Apparently an accident on 66 caused it to be late returning from the airport.

Eventually they put another bus into service and we made it to the airport, though I didn’t have nearly as much hanging around time as I’d expected. Still enough time to get into the start of a game of Civ IV.

The flight was quick and uneventful, just the way I like it, though the little waifish hipster girl sitting next to me snored like a wildebeast.

I’m at the parents’ place now, for better or worse. I realize I’m not calling it “home” anymore, but then I never lived here, so that makes sense, I guess. On the bright side, they’ve got wifi now, so I can get in touch with people without having to wave the laptop around like a divining rod to pick up the neighbors’ signals. 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone.

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