one of those days…

It’s been a so-so day, I had a really bad morning. A task that I was in charge of here didn’t come out as well as my usual tasks do. The work was split between 3 people with me coordinating it, and the posting was done on a day when I was out. I should have let it wait a day so I’d be in, but c’est la vie. I didn’t exactly get called on the carpet for it, but when our work is consistently good, the potholes are all that seem to get remembered.

It’s one of those days where tv commercial jingles and tv show theme songs have been running a constant loop through my head. Because they are short, and comforting. I’m the boob tube generation, tv was my babysitter.

Also, thanks to Greg and his birthday gifts, my comic book addiction has been slowly starting up again. I made a new wish list on Amazon, “Comic Crack Cocaine” which is mostly a list for me to keep (since I usually find books much cheaper elsewhere or used).

I actually have been getting work done today, I’m just trying not to think too hard about it. I could really use an ice cold martini right about now.

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