Monthly Archive: August 2005


saying what we’re all thinking?

Wonkette – “Finding” versus “Looting” MetaFilter also noted this: Liberating the Loaves of Bread Still, it is a matter of two different new sources anf their editors using different words, but as the ever eloquent and far more socially conscious...


appetizer, point, counterpoint, dessert

Some lovely articles in the Post’s Food Section, the first is a general information/rant from former restauranteur David Hagedorn, the second is a pure rant on diners’ complaints and the third is a rebuttal from former food critic Phyllis Richman....


insanity, KITH style

DON: So where are we with that, Marv? MARV: With what, Don? DON: Our restructuring plan. MARV: You mean the thing that you just mentioned, just now? DON: Yeah. MARV: Oh, we’re on top of that, Don. DON: Good. Kids...


addictions: Darwinia

Darwinia The world of Darwinia is a virtual themepark, running inside a computer network built by a computer genius named Dr Sepulveda. Darwinia is populated by a sentient evolving life form called the Darwinians. They are the product of a...



CBS News | Family Hassled After TV Report A family has been bombarded with threats and harassment after their house was wrongly identified on a U.S. cable television broadcast as the home of a radical Islamic group’s leader. John Loftus,...


who knew so many would say yes?!

I’m currently going insane trying to find a place to take a reservation for the 10th… I called around when I first had the idea and was told I was calling too soon. Well now I’m getting no help with...


method acting, crucifix style

Ended up doing a lot since last Thursday. Normally when co-workers ask how my weekend was, my default answer is “Oh I didn’t do too much,” but the Mondays this summer, I’ve had to stop myself and realize that my...


more stray thoughts

On the way home from seeing “The Brothers Grimm” there were an awful lot of thrown-out mirrors on the streets, a lot of them in pieces. Just weird, if you’ve seen the film.



Today’s horoscope. Virgo: What you’ve been doing for others for so long can be done for you, if you surround yourself with the right people. and a Sealab 2021 quote, “Heisman Trophy winner Debbie Love ain’t about gettin’ her neck...


more spam tales

Just got more spam through the filter and I wouldn’t even know what these drugs were for before they added extra letters in them to get them past the filter. Now they just look like drugs thought up by Dr....