Daily Archive: November 28, 2005


it’s peanut butter jelly time!

I hate getting sick as it is, but getting sick when I’ve already got a case of major seasonal depression (plus other assorted downers) is just a kick in the balls. But strangely enough watching this (5.77MB .mpg) makes me...



I realize I hadn’t blogged about this yet, but anyone that recalls SETI@Home, there’s a new distributed computing program out: FightAIDS@Home. Now more than ever, your help is needed in the fight against AIDS. In the mid 1980’s, HIV infections...


The Lazy-Ass Gourmet

After having to tell Jenifer that Sara Moulton was not Sandra Lee of “semi-homemade” fame and watching way too many “not just cooking shows anymore” promo spots on Food Network, I’ve been finding a lot of sites from people that...