Chris Rock’s Show Says Santa Doesn’t Exist |

What gets me isn’t the whole, sitcom explaining there’s no Santa, that’s been done before for chrissake. It’s this,

A blindsided UPN received “a handful” of complaints about the Santa expose on its sitcom based loosely on comic Rock’s life growing up in Brooklyn, a spokeswoman said. This is a series whose use of the n-word in its first episode passed with relatively little notice.

I’ve also been watching the new cartoon, The Boondocks and while I admit that it is funny, like the first time I saw “Trading Places” on cable, I need someone to please explain to me why shit and fuck are words that need to be bleeped out while the n-word is… ok?

Additionally, how no one needs to send letters of complaint about their kids potentially using the n-word around the house and school, but GOD FORBID PLEASE DON’T SAY SANTA CLAUS DOESN’T EXIST?!?

To them I say, fuck you bitches.

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  1. Lindsay says:


    Karl Rove told you to say that.

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