Daily Archive: December 6, 2005


nibble or munch?

Trying to post this with a straight face… from A-Z of bananas | ivillage Psychologists have identified five personality types based on the way people eat bananas: Nibblers peel the banana slowly, carefully eating only the exposed area – they...


Buy, Play, Trade, Repeat

Buy, Play, Trade, Repeat | New York Times Damian Kulash Jr., the lead singer for OK Go on file sharing and DRM.


A Tissue Of Lies

A Tissue Of Lies | washingtonpost.com A cute looking into the milk-bread-and-toilet-paper (MBTP) myth. One amusing excerpt, Look! gawp the TV weather people, zooming in on denuded supermarket shelves, as if a Dupont Circle supermarket had suddenly turned into a...