Daily Archive: June 19, 2006


Aftermath: Chicken

Success! See the full set of pics here. Well while I was pretty worried, the chicken turned out great. Ina has a few odd steps in her recipe and this isn’t the one I recall her doing on tv, but...


Who’s a big moron now?

Hm.. getting caught in a torrential downpour while still dressed for work when I forgot my umbrella? Yeah… pretty dumb. I’m really not in the mood to try pulling off that “I’m soaking wet” kinda sexy look. Ah and the...


#1 with a Pullet

I’m attempting roast chicken tonight, this will be a first, but since Peapod didn’t seem to have any whole birds aside from game hens, I’ll swing by the store and pick up a smaller sized fowl since I’d rather not...