Monthly Archive: May 2006


National Doughnut Day

Sugar rush time! “Dough”-not-required opportunities abound during the first month of summer — providing proof that the best things in life are still free. Kick off these “Top Ten Free Things To Do In June” with a free Krispy Kreme...


The Perfect Man

She doesn’t want a nice guy full of plain-vanilla respect for her. She wants an unreliable, vaguely creepy arsehole with an unholy lust for her body. Salon prints a short story of speculative fiction by Lauren McLaughlin, “The Perfect Man”...


Quote of the 1/2-day

Can’t we just accept no one was here and nothing happened and leave it at that? Yes, in fact, the world DID stop for 3-4 days. We’re the GOVERNMENT. — me, in an IM to Jenifer re: having to “catch...


Heat: 1, Brian: 0

I give up, the heat wins. Finally on Monday I gave up the war versus a/c and turned it on, not very high or for very long, just until I was no longer breaking a sweat just standing still. And...


The Idiot’s Lantern

Who was good. Very good. I won’t really go into the weekend so far. I’m not really in a good place, but I’ll say that LJ hides no sins, and you really only have yourself to blame. I’m really in...


The Last Stand… or is it?

Had a wonderful time last night at Richard’s cocktail party, also seemed to start off my “Hey don’t I know you from somewhere?” weekend as two people I’d met before, ended up being guests at the soiree. It was a...


Olsen twins to launch nutrition show

Back in 2004, Mary Kate Olsen went through had to undergo treatment for an eating disorder, an experience that made her take a closer look at her life and at nutrition. Her reps say that she is healthy now and...


What the–?!

Recounting my last two WTF?! moments. I guess I have them all the time, but there are some pretty big ones from time to time when I see/hear/read something that my brain has a real hard time accepting as true....


Street vendors don’t lie!

The flowers are blooming and I’m happy just to have plant life in my apartment not die on me. Of course these are cut, so they’ll die anyway, but don’t burst my bubble just yet.