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This morning’s *knock knock – Yoo Hoo, McFly? moment from the Washington Post, Feeling Unwelcome, Some Gays Vacate Virginia

Edel Quinones lived in Virginia for 10 years, but early this year, he sold his Arlington townhouse to move to the District.

“It felt like I wasn’t welcome anymore,” he said.

I don’t know about anyone else, but in the 10 years I’ve lived here, 3 of them spent in VA unfortunately, I don’t believe Virginia has EVER felt welcome to gays, lesbians.. or really anyone else “living in sin.” Legally it’s been getting worse and worse and when I asked a lot of people why they stayed there, the answer was along the lines of taking the good with the bad, as in getting a lot of space and a great price on a home (the ‘burbs) and just kinda dealing with progressively worse legislation as time went on.

And on a completely unrelated topic, is anyone finding Dog Bites Man funny? I saw the first episode and it was amusing, not hilarious, but not horrible. I started watching the second episode this morning and it was very clear that unlike Reno 911 where it’s loosely scripted and a lot of improv and all actors, that the people this fake news team deals with are very likely to be “straight men” so to speak and not realize, at first that they’re being “Funt’d.” It sort of gave the same feeling of horror that The Comeback did, except that it falls flat on its face more often.

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