Well, ok then.

Why don’t you just tell me what happened, from the beginning?

Well ok, yesterday about 4pm, I was at work y’see, anyway around 4, I get a call from him on my cell phone. He’d been sick the previous week so I’d kept it to text messages since he wasn’t feeling well. So he calls me up and asks what I’m doing. I tell him I’m at work. He lets me know that he’s in DC, he lives in Baltimore, so it’s a rare thing that he’s in town, what’s not rare is that he never tells me when he’s going to be in town. He’s heading off to get a haircut in Dupont and would I like to meet him later for drinks.

Now I had plans for the evening, see I was supposed to hit the grocery store and then get some clothes folded and packed and sort out things for vacation… but I did think it’d be nice to see him and to confirm whether he’d be joining me at the beach so I said sure and he asked that I call him when I got home.

It all seemed like a simple enough plan. I got home a little before 5 and figured that he might still be busy, so I sent him a text message and had a snack, doing a little clothes sorting and what not. Had myself a snack, got chatting online, watched Yu-Gi-Oh G/X… what? Stop looking at me like that, it’s a fun cartoon… Shut up!

At 6pm, I called him, got voicemail and left a message that I was wondering what was up and maybe we could get a quick dinner and to give me a call back. At 7, I went to the kitchen and started dinner., pretty much thinking that we weren’t going to hang out since he said he didn’t plan to stay in DC that late. He doesn’t drive in but rides the train back and forth. I got to my evening business, got about halfway packed up and at 9:30 I sent a text asking where he was since I hadn’t heard from him, nor did he get online. I played a bit of CoH and went to bed.

Finally today, at 1:52p he sends me an IM telling me that he left his phone at the salon yesterday. and that he just got my message. And I was very understanding of this… for about 5 seconds. The conversation follows:

him: I left my phone at the salon last night
him: I got your message today
me: I see.
him: sorry
him: well anyway you seem to be upset so I am going to get
   back to work.......
me: You're damn right I'm upset.  _____ I put off plans last 
   night to hang out with you.  And now I don't hear from 
   you until this afternoon?
him: I am sorry I did not have my phone........I won't bother 
   you anymore sorry I upset you and i hope that you have 
   a wonderful time at the beach....I did not mean to screw 
   your schedule up
*** "him" signed off

And that’s it, I’m done. Now, don’t think me so hotheaded as to fly off the handle from this one time mistake. No, this is just the latest in a long line of “I’m sorry” and “I forgot” statements. I think the best indicator may have been way back when I visited him in Baltimore for, what I thought would be, the weekend. After being there less than 24 hours, we’re walking around and he says, “So I have a wedding to go to this evening. I forgot about it until this morning.”

He’s nice, cute and sexy, but a flake — and not that loveable kind, the kind that grates on your nerves more and more each time you excuse the behavior by chalking it up to him being a flake. And everytime is like the above, he doesn’t take responsibility for what happened, but has expected me to just deal with it and then move on as if everything’s ok. In the past I’ve been more forgiving, and now the first time that I tell him I’m upset, he pulls this shit? Perhaps I should be pleased, he’s let me off the hook with his own passive-aggressive pity tactic.

Still, I’ll be at the beach tomorrow.

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