Respect the surf

We’re here, it’s way to freaking early for me to be up, but strange bed + Sunday + vacation = up at 6 and unable to go back to sleep. Plus I was having a really weird dream and I was in no mood to continue with it. It does sort of put me on my own though as I’m here with sleep-in’ers so there’s no telling what time they’ll be up. It is a bit difficult not to feel like a 3rd wheel, we went for a walk on the beach last night and the two of them are off holding hands, and there’s me, just on my own. It was still fun, just.. well anyway, and a little hard to maintain land legs on the sand after 2 or 3 cosmos.

The drive yesterday was amazingly fast, we made a stop for food and another for gas and even so, we left DC at 7 and got here at about 10:30, a huge difference from last year getting stuck in traffic. We were too early to even check into the condo. There was someone in our parking spot still loading up their car as we pulled in, so we did some walking in town and stopped at Mango’s for a few drinks and eventually killed enough time to give the previous renters time to get out and the cleaning staff time to do their thing.

We made it to the beach, where I was content to sit on the sand for a while, then did a bit of walking in the edge of the surf for a bit. Later I got completely in the water with Everett and Susanne and all three of us learned some serious respect for the surf. We weren’t far from where you could touch bottom, but the waves were angry! At one point all three of us got knocked on our asses and it was unanimously decided that we were done. We rinsed off then relaxed a bit in the pool then back upstairs for showers where we all discovered massive clumps of sand that.. well mine was in a spot that I now realize is clearly the physical equivalent of a blind spot, though you’d think that a cup of sand would be hard to miss, but when the swim trunks came off for the shower, there it all was. And then of course all over the bathroom, but that’s the joy of the beach, drop the sand where ya like, wait for it all to dry up, then sweep.

I plunked down for a week of internet from a local provider, so I’m not totally out of touch, but I’m trying to restrict the computer use for light non-internet gaming. I don’t want to come all the way here just to hang out online all day!

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