Day Trip!

Still here, still loving it and still getting up early, but at least today I actually FEEL like I’m on vacation. Monday morning and not racing out of bed to get dressed and to work… *sigh*

RehoDayTrip 013

Yesterday we headed into Rehoboth on a little day trip, nothing special about it. I think after going enough enough times, unless you’re going for a specific purpose, it’s just kinda… there. Maybe later we’ll head in for a meal or to go out or something.

The beach and water is still pretty breezy and rough and the skies kinda overcast, but its still plenty warm enough and it’s so nice at night to walk along the sand. It may be on a resort, but having access to a private beach really rocks.

Veggie Sushi 003

Last night we made veggie sushi, I was skeptical about it, but I really liked it. It was very filling though and we ended up making a LOT of it. After a few cosmos and a glass of sangria with dinner, I passed in and out while we watched episodes of The Closer on dvd.

No clue what’s on for today, but who cares — vacation!!

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