An endorsement

If you are not aware of William Mize, check out his site. Now. If you like mystery with… a little bit of a twist, you’ll like the Denton Ward and Monty Crocetti mystery series. I devoured his first book, Resurrection Angel and eagerly await the next one. I’ll admit that I am a wee bit biased in that I’ve gotten to know the man through his writings and his journal, but I generally don’t care for mystery novels and I read this like a hot knife through butter and then flipped back to some sections to read them again. His site has some samples and excerpts for download and Resurrection Angel is available from Lulu, or you could search used sellers like I did for the first run. Read the excerpts and if you like it, pick up the book — or if you’re local I suppose you could borrow my copy. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Am I shilling for an author? Hell yes! But you don’t have to take my word for it…

In 2001, Resurrection Angel made publishing history when it was nominated by the Private Eye Writers of America for one of their highest honors, The Shamus Award for Best First Novel of The Year, making it the first Print on Demand book ever to be nominated for a major publishing award. Rare and hard to find iUniverse copies of Resurrection Angel are considered collectors items by mystery fans. Some websites are asking upwards of $80 for a single copy of Resurrection Angel.

In other news I watched Project Runway for the first time ever last night. I suspect FedEx will be arriving this afternoon with the return of my gay card. That Laura, what a bitch! Not for what she said, but the order in which she chose to do it.

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