Você não vai querer que eu chegue no final

Cufflinks are fun!Unless you’re paraskavedekatriaphobic, today’s just another Friday to you. Just in case tho, I’m declaring my new cufflinks as “lucky cufflinks” — I got them at Eastern Market for $3. They have yet to turn my shirt cuffs green, so I think I got quite the deal.

Slightly busy day ahead at the office, but hey it’s the weekend, I’ll eventually hit a point in the day where I just coast to quittin’ time. Plus the iPod’s been filled with Sergio Mendes, so even if I can’t pull up to the bar and order a capirinha just yet, I can fake the essence of Brasil and samba until I can. And there’s plenty of TV awaiting me on my PC when I get home, the TiVo got tired of trying to hold it all and started deleting stuff out of spite, *hmph!

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