So… we’re done here?

Well, almost done. Per yesterday’s visit with my oncologist, he’s ready to see me one more time next year and after that… we’re done. So, I guess I’m officially in remission. Huh.

Technically I guess I’ve been in remission for a while, but it’s quite a thing to have a doctor come in, barely give you the once over like, “Why are we even still doing this anymore? Get outta here, already!”

I’m not even really sure how to feel. I know I’ve felt fine and healthy for a while now. Any lumps or bumps I might have been concerned about turn out to be zits. Seriously — zits, at my age, which I do confirm by popping them even though that’s maybe the worst thing to do. Sue me.

But it will be interesting to have this concern mostly gone. The cancer-related doctor visits gone. The annual blood tests gone. And perhaps a lot of the anxiety that surrounds it all, so I won’t be sorry to see that go. It’s just weird.

Otherwise, the visit confirmed that I’ve dropped another 10 pounds since last year, so the fitness efforts are working. I tried not to slow them down when the weather got cold, but OMG I just hate the gym.

Soon after the new year, I went to the gym to hit a goal of about 6 miles walking/jogging a day. It had me hitting the treadmill at the gym for a half hour both before and after work… and it was awful. Thankfully, there was almost no one else there, but it’s just not the same as going outside. Mostly because the panel/screen is too low. You have to constantly look down to change your speed or elevation or keep track of time. After a few days, my neck hurt from it and I was just done.

I know I need to adjust myself, but when I’m walking/jogging outside, I don’t look down at my phone or my feet, I just look ahead, or up or at others on the trails. It’s just so much more engaging. So yes, I became one of those “gym resolution” folks taking up space on the machines, but no longer. I might go back for weights once I learn what I need to do to essentially tone up my skinny nerd frame, but for now, I’m still all cardio and happy to maintain that.

So, yeah… relatively healthy, relatively fit. Not exactly a bad way to start off 2018. I debate sharing any exercise tips or recipes because that just seems silly. Different things work for different people, but if anyone does want to be fitness buddies, hit me up on social media. Having a support network does help, whatever your health/fitness goals may be. :mrgreen:

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  1. William Mize says:

    This makes me happy. I’m glad you are happy, healthy and loved (by me, long distance, of course). Take real good care of yourself, because you deserve the bestest.

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