Using a coupon doesn’t make you any less of a diva

10/19/06 16:38I do so love a good deal. I still wasn’t feeling too well yesterday afternoon, so I headed out of the office a little early. A glance at my personal to-do list revealed “buy coat” at the top so I decided that a little side trip that was already on my way wouldn’t hurt. I picked up the coat that I’d tried on the day before and it does indeed look great on me, and I also spied a sweater I fancied. There were some other accessories but I didn’t want to be too spendy and I really need to do a wardrobe purge first so I can decide what I need and what goes with what. Thanks to the 20% coupon, I saved over $50 on the purchase (I loved the coat, but I don’t spend over $200 on certain accessories, even coats) and the saleswoman grilled me for information on where I found it since the coupons are easily printed off the site and good through 12/31, I suspect I’ll be back for other little knick-knacks, but it’s annoying that Benetton has an online presence, but no online shopping.

There are many things that I still need, like more slacks, more work shirts that don’t all look like the same work shirts I already have. I’ve never been much of a sweater person (because they make me sweat… ok that was a no-brainer), but I do like the thin sweater/pullovers, and I want a new purse/manbag/satchel, whatever. I like the look of leather briefcases, but I’d rather have something I can take anywhere and not worry about it getting messed up too soon.

The office is dead today and I hope it stays that way, between vacations, planned leave and sickness there are 5 people out which leaves pretty much a skeleton crew of developers to handle stuff. Thank goodness it’s Friday, gov’t types are pretty quiet on Fridays.

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