Comfort Food?

Biryani and Apple slices

I’m actually a little, no.. really steamed right now. This morning a tech came over to our group to let us know that he had an order to move our computers — what?! They told us that we’d be moving at some point in the next month, but how about a little bit of notice? And even though I don’t care for our new workspaces, I’m still pretty territorial and in the past 6 or so months, I’ve gotten used to being where we were and almost started to like it. So naturally, when I get used to something, it changes, and with the usual lack of notice and what’s come to be a typical lack of respect from my employer. There wasn’t even so much as a “Hey, we’re sorry we dropped the ball on this and we appreciate your cooperation.” Not a check-in, not a visit to see if we needed help or were having trouble… nuh-thing.

So I’ll just look at a picture of last night’s dinner and lament that I didn’t bring in any leftovers, but feel good that I know I have more waiting on me when I get home tonight. — I need a drink.

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