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National Tree 2006Thank the gods for the Vince Guaraldi Trio, it’s about the only thing keeping me in the spirit of the season. I finally made my flight reservation to visit the parents next week, I tried to get out this past weekend to do a little shopping and couldn’t find anything, I didn’t have a list because the family didn’t give me much of an idea for anything and I can’t pretend that I have any clue what people I only see about once a year might want for gifting. I parlayed them down to small gifts this year anyway, so I’ll pick up some gift cards and just be done with it. At the mall I managed to get things for myself and when I tried to get things for others I just got totally frustrated. I was in the middle of Borders, looked at J and said “That’s it, I give up.” It was nice to be out and about though. I’ve turned into Charlie Brown from his special, it’s all too damn commercial. There are too many expectations instead of just being able to have a holiday, see your family and friends and enjoy yourself. I’m fine with the holiday, I’m fine with the festivities and parties. I find it wonderful that so many belief systems have fetes that coincide on the same time of the year. It’s a nice way of seeing that we all have more in common than we want to admit.

I think the weather’s killing it for me as well. It was 72 degrees outside today for goodness sake! Even for a “warm” December, that’s pretty freakin’ hot. Where I’d normally want to head home for hot chocolate or mulled wine, I was thinking it’s time to find a deck and order some nachos and a pitcher or two of margaritas. I’m working on the holiday cards, I promise. In past years I’ve just called them winter cards because I send somewhat non-denominational cards and they make it there by… February? But I’ll try to get some out this week, really. No, really!

Those Wii commercials are pissing me off since it seems like the only way anyone I know is gonna get to play with one is to have two random Asian gentlemen show up on your doorstep and give you one.

12/17/06 21:23TiVo is adding even more ads to my service, yay! Now I’ll get random ads when I’m trying to delete a program, since apparently that’s when I’m at my most receptive for goods and services.

I’ll say it just once, I don’t give a damn about the film Eragon. I won’t rehash the obvious, but I’m tired of what’s missing from the must-see sci-fi/fantasy films being put out in this supposedly modern and enlightened time.

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