We’re not protesting, we’re just showing up.

Oh gods forbid… Gay, Lesbian Families to Join American Tradition En Masse

Hundreds of gay and lesbian parents, some from across the country, are planning to line up overnight tomorrow to get tickets to the 128-year-old Washington ritual [The White House Easter Egg Roll] Monday, to blanket the White House lawn with a realistic mosaic of their families.

“I don’t think this is a protest. Showing up, participating fully in an American tradition, showing Americans that we do exist, that in our minds isn’t a protest,” said Jennifer Chrisler, executive director of the Family Pride Coalition.

I think the Post does a good job of not strongly taking either side in this article, but showing the views of pro and con from either camp (well maybe a little liberal). But it’s a great idea and while I’m never a fan of the assimilation, “We’re just like everyone else,” method of equal rights, this is just some families wanting their kids to participate in some Easter fun.

I remember egg rolls and egg hunts when I was a kid, my family wasn’t huge into Easter. Holidays mostly meant a reason to have m&ms and hershey’s kisses in the house. We got the baskets with the fake grass for a little while, and once or twice my father hid eggs in the backyard, but most of the church or community hosted egg events ended up in a lot of smashed eggs and bruised kids, “That one’s MINE!”

Personally I’ll be happy if all the press and media show up and not a damn thing happens for them to record aside from a lot of squealing kids and loving parents giving their children a special Easter treat.

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