‘You yada-yada’ed over the best part! No I mentioned the bisque.’

I have to give my company credit, they didn’t have the budget to throw a holiday party at an outside venue like last year so they did the best they could to have it on the premises. They did a great job, had it catered, a dj, got us a huge room with tables and did it sort of as a buffet line. Unfortunately, even with the free food, I’d have been fine to skip it this year. I’m not really bah humbugging it, but there were a few drawbacks.

They weren’t ready on time — Things happen, things always happen, and when you’re planning a large scale party with multiple people directing stuff, things are bound to happen. Unfortunately instead of just telling people that they were running late and perhaps saying “come 15 mins or so later than we announced,” we had the whole of our contract standing outside in the hall, not keeping their voices down (the corner we were in really carried sound too well) and generally milling about often in other people’s way.

It was on company time — By that, I really mean our clients’ time. It was set around lunchtime, sure, but it’s a party, a big party, one that they really wanted everyone to attend. Our CEO and other bigwigs were there, there were door prizes, etc. But I’m just not comfortable with throwing a big shindig when you’re not at your own HQ and can definitively say “work is off for the time being.” Case in point, I had a meeting I had to leave in the middle of eating to attend (since they started late) and then I had to go back in and pull one of the developers out of the party because his client was needing him to put something online immediately (sorry Kris). And saying, “Well we’re having our contract holiday party right now,” wouldn’t have meant anything to our clients.

Other observations were of the people, we’re a pretty big group, but very few people know who anyone else outside their team is. The guy who’s sort of in charge of our group ended up sitting right at our table. Common knowledge would assume that I was sitting with the web team, however he didn’t ask or try to introduce himself to anyone there, I finally made introductions around the table (mostly so that my team would know who I’d been talking to when I slam down the phone in annoyance from time to time) but I’m not a fan of the slightly (or not so slightly) aloof manager.

My co-workers grabbed a piece of cake for me, so end result is all good, but I think next week’s lunch out with the team and happy hour the next night will make me much happier. Bah, humbug!

Also I ripped A Christmas Story onto the iPod and watched the Santa scene a moment ago. I know how these kids feel now, that is one freaking scary looking St. Nick.

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