Strange ways, how we fly

Let’s hope for a better day today brain-wise than yesterday. It was like I had a 24-hr case of aphasia.

My normal order at Starbucks (now) is a triple grande vanilla skim latte, and that’s what I thought I ordered but I was the only one waiting at the bar when a “triple venti” came up. Now this was the nice Starbucks so I didn’t get snapped at for ordering a triple venti but I was like, no I ordered a grande, then looked at my receipt — venti. I could, however, blame that on the new register boy that is freakin’ adorable.

At the office I was getting ready to send back my lease agreement papers when I read the line: Our records indicate that your lease has converted or will convert to a hold over tenancy on 8/31/2006. The lease renewal I was signing would start the new rate on May first. I called the property manager to ask why I didn’t get a new lease starting in August of this year when my lease expires. Yep, that’s right, I apparently forgot that it is now 2007. I e-mailed him back that I was clearly a doofus and to disregard me completely. He still called me back, I think just to make me suffer. Sounded like a cute guy though, too bad his company never seems to have their act together. The upside is that I got my current rental rate for more months than I should have but seeing that it’s only going up $20 a month, they hardly took a loss.

Erasure - On the Road to Nashville album coverMusic today is Erasure – On the Road to Nashville, an acoustic they performed in May of last year. It re-imagines some of their hits with a country feel to them and it’s great. Oh L’Amour, which never fails to sound great, is absolutely delicious. Seeing them at the 930 Club was a lot of fun, but seeing a synth-pop group willing to strip it all down to just instruments and voices is pretty brave and produces an amazing result.

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