Daily Archive: April 6, 2007


Next to crucifixes. Aisle 5.

Associate: You need something? Woman: Yeah, maybe you know. Which are the nails they used to crucify Christ with? Associate: … Uh, maybe these? Woman: Right. I don’t think those are the ones I’m looking for, but you’re on the...


Once more in English, please?

Virgo: Here you are, stuck in the middle again. But is it a bad thing to have that mediating position? You’re trusted on all sides. You’re informed to the top of your bent. You’re able to form proactively responsive strategies...


Life imitates art, sort of

Laurie Raye said she had everything stripped from her home after someone placed a fake ad on the San Francisco-based Internet site, a collection of online classifieds. “The instigator who published this ad invited the public to come in and...