The Brazilian Bomb

The universe is trying to tell me something… I must drink a Caipirinha sometime in the near future! From a recent IM conversation with Chris where he and a friend were going to enjoy a Very Happy Hour at a bar that served them up to an article about them on Slashfood yesterday to the fact that the only Brini Maxwell podcast that seems to be playing properly in my iTunes is this one:

It is my plan to download all of these separately and create a DVD from them sometime. I love podcasts but, like my daily reads, I have the hardest time keeping up with them. I could never find the right time to watch the show with zefrank and it would just pile up in my iTunes library until it stopped downloading them from assumed lack of interest. I’m not much for watching video on my iPod, and my commute is often used to read, so I can only handle music in my head, not speaking.

Otherwise, it looks to be a fantastic day today. Probably good day for a walk to the zoo, or just a nap in the window on the couch. I had a lovely breakfast at Tonic after last night’s (over?) indulgence at MCCXXIII last night. $20 for open bar from 5-9, no restrictions. After about 8 or so vodka drinks I definitely got my money’s worth, but the room did seem to develop its own orbit when I poured myself into bed, hence the need for food this morning.

I also think I’ve tamed feedburner into properly showing my videos within my RSS feed by telling it to add enclosures for rich media, so RSS readers may see a “Play Now” link from time to time. Hopefully you can ignore that and the videos will still show up properly in the feed. Those of you actually visiting my site on a regular basis, uh… wow and thanks! 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    When the fates align, you must take heed. Get thee to the liquor store and purchase cachaça and make thyself a caipirinha. Now.

    Might want to go ahead and pick up something greasy for breakfast tomorrow, too 😎

    Dear me, that “flight attendant” is quite a hunk of yum. Too bad he has to open his mouth and start talking … 😕

    • Brian says:

      Hee hee, surely he sounds no different from any other male flight attendant you’ve heard over the PA. 🙂

      My weekend’s a little booze occupied, but I can swing by the store this week for some limes and superfine sugar and enjoy some Brazilian nights.

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