Gentlemen… start your Swiffers!

8/19/07 14:25There is much cleaning in progress at the bohemian’s bo-home-ian. I risked serious slip and fall injuries as well as brain damage from fumes to clean out my shower from top to bottom and to make my sink so clean and sparkly, you could eat out of it (if you like the taste of method cleaners). I’ve been drafting a list of chores I need to get done, and many of which I think I can take care of this week, around the house and around town. A lot of it will involve throwing out stuff. In cleaning the bathroom, there were many jars of this and that getting tossed out, half-used lotions, stuff I felt too guilty to get rid of, consolidating jars and bottles and making much more space in the cabinets. I need to call Goodwill and see how they want to handle clothing pickup, it’s time to attack the closets.

I am in full admission that I have developed a “muffin top” and as such the clothes by designers who have chosen not to have their S, M, L sizes obey the laws of physics (I’m looking at you KC and you too, CK) no longer fit as much as they barely tolerate the presence of my midsection. The bright side is that I have a lot of clothes I don’t wear, won’t wear and haven’t worn in so long that they are most definitely going out of style and not in the cute funky hipster way.

I’ve also given up drinking… for a few weeks. I realize that a huge amount of my calories comes from my cocktails, and if I’m to do anything about it, I have to expend some effort and make some changes. It won’t be forever, and if my past history rings true, it won’t have to be. Just long enough for my body to acknowledge some healthy changes, and for me to get my ass moving (and smaller).

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2 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    I only learned what “muffin top” meant a few months ago. Now when I hear or read it, I can’t stop giggling.

    It’s like walking past the tea section at the unSafeway; I titter when walking through that too.

  2. Everett says:

    I never heard the term before, but it’s kind of cute. Better than calling it a mushroom cloud, I suppose.

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