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The security office at work is getting overzealous and has taken to blocking site after site, causing one’s internet experience to look like a connect-the-dots picture that someone’s gone behind and erased every third line. More recent blocks of flickr and TinyURL have caused the bulk of my browsing to be useless. Twitter folks automatically get tinyurls made out of most of the links they send, and … well I didn’t realize just how many places on the internet were linking pictures to flickr. My RSS feed and general blog browsing is full of empty spaces–and I don’t really read that much online at home. Weekend mornings, sure, but in the evening I pretty much just chat, play games or listen to music.

It was a frustrating day at the office in addition to having many sites blocked here and there so coming home to this was quite nice. I’ve linked to and mentioned MightyGodKing before, but he’s finally finished his I Should Write The Legion treatise. Along the way, he’s come up with some really interesting ideas, but #50 is a heck of a thing, as they say, and quite entertaining.

#50 The Infinite Girl, The deadliest enemy is the one you never see coming

In issue #3, Triplicate Girl explains that she has no memory of what happened before the great disaster on [Cargg] that left only her; that she has no memory of how she came to be or how she got her power to self-replicate or how it works; that when she split her three-selves off to join the Legion from the rest of herself, that those three grew isolated from the rest of her self-society.


All of it.

This is what really happened…

I admit that this is really a comic book geek sort of thing, but it’s very imaginative and would definitely make for a great “comic cliffhanger” that so many double-sized issues have resolved over the years. I had my big falling out with comic books ages ago and went cold turkey–I was running out of room to store them! Since then I’ve bought collected trades and kept up with reviews and storylines, but if MGK got himself a writing gig, I’d definitely collect some of those.

Until then, I can only hope there will be a Reason #51… 😈

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