… and I aimed to go where them some were.

Writin’ in a diary is like a muscle. You have to do it every day, or you could easily pull it.

Uh, yeah, I got nothing. I have a calendar widget on the right-hand side of my blog and it is nice to look at the days and see an unbroken streak of entries, maybe with the occasional blank weekend, but today nothing’s really coming.

I think I’m focused more on going to dinner tonight and a happy hour tomorrow and possibly dancing on Friday and maybe a Stoney’s trip on Saturday than anything else — even work. But otherwise today I haven’t seen any terribly cool links, nor has anything gotten my level of outrage going to write about.

Last night I shaved my head, and that feels like about the most interesting thing going on. It’s always fun to see the reactions from the office the next day, as if it’s still really rare to see on guys. Someone always wants to know why, and usually they will remember you as having so much more hair than you really did the previous day. As it turns out, I just trimmed the hair a little too close last night with the clippers, so I had a lot of uneven spots and with the curve of my head a lot of it looked practically shaved anyway so I just went for it. It also lets me get to some normally inaccessible spots on my neck that are in dire need of skin treatment. Using chemicals on your hair is bad kids, mmm’kay? I don’t care how fabulous it looks when I’m done. 🙂

I feel a tiny bit shafted by Apple’s recent announcement. My last iPod died just before my cruise, so I went to get another one. That was about 45 days ago. Of course Apple made their announcement meaning that my new 80gb iPod had just been devalued and outclassed, making it a bit obsolete. While I did not whine and gripe like iPhone owners, I did contact both Bank of America and Best Buy to see if they were willing to make any sort of concession or help me return and exchange it for either the 80gb Classic with a refund/discount, or the 160gb Classic even-steven.

Well even though Bank of America calls my card Platinum Plus, that ain’t nothin’ but a fancy-schmancy adjective to make the card seem more high-class. Unlike American Express might have done, they could do nothing to help me return or exchange the iPod. Their Purchase Protection is only about extending the warranty, which seems to me like it would be better labeled Extended Warranty and nothing more.

Best Buy wasn’t much better. First off I sent an e-mail via their website and they promise a 3 business day turnaround on a response, kinda crappy seeing how time was ticking away, but such is life. When they did get back to me it was a standard “30-day policy” script. I wrote back, using the magic word disappointed and indicated that even Apple was giving a little bit back to its customers and if I’d purchased the product directly from the manufacturer, something which is quite easy to do these days, I wouldn’t be having this problem at all. They replied that this time they had actually looked at what I ordered and the new model and decided that they’d give me a gift card for the difference.

It wasn’t the perfect solution, but it is a reasonable compromise. I knew going into it that I wasn’t making demands, I was making requests as I was well outside the return window and frankly, it’s part and parcel of being an Apple purchaser. The item you buy today may be made cheaper or obsolete tomorrow, you takes yer chances. Not that I still don’t want the iPod Classic, especially the 160gb model, but as my brother is (maybe) sending me a 4gb iPhone, I’ll be content with that. I have been looking into selling my iPod but I don’t really trust ebay anymore, amazon won’t let me sell it without being “approved” and so far Facebook and craiglist seem to be saturated with people in the same boat. Oddly enough, every “we pay top money for iPods” that I’ve seen is only giving about $125 on a new/barely used model fo my iPod with all box items. I get the whole devalued thing, but give me a break!

I’ve been eyeing some cute things for my birthday-to-me gift, but I’m really waffling. It seems like it would make better sense to save money instead of spending. I’d love a new tv, or maybe a new external hard drive, a macbook, a replacement knife set or maybe even some new clothes for fall, but nothing’s really sitting in the front of my mind. Any ideas?

* Management would like to retract the previous statement on having nothing to write about…

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4 Responses

  1. Lindsay says:

    Writing doesn’t come from inspiration, inspiration comes from writing.

  2. Brian says:

    @Lindsay, I thought your inspiration came from me. I got Muse’s Union quotas to keep, y’know!

  3. Mike B. says:

    I’d love a new iPod touch, but unless something happens with my current one, or I magically find 3 benji’s in the stormdrain, it ain’t happening. You know what though? Even though my iPod is like 2 years old, and there have been 2 or 3 revisions since then, I still love it. Just because there are newer and better ones out there doesn’t make mine do its job any less efficiently.

  4. kar0na says:

    These items all sound like replacement items. How about something you’ve never owned because you thought ut was a bit of a waste of dough? There was a time when that item for me was an iPod, and now it’s a crucial item to my day!

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