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Last night I stumbled upon something I haven’t in a while, a question that I could not find an answer for using Google! It’s happened before from time to time and I ignore it as it’s usually nothing too important. While I was in the midst of cleaning, I was wondering what to do with my under-bed storage boxes. As I now have a platform bed, they no longer fit underneath. I do have bed risers that I used to use on my old traditional bed frame and I wondered if I’d be able to use them on a platform. I tried every variation of “can I use bed risers on a platform bed” also trying including the word safety and giving specific quotes a try and nada, no result. I got a lot of links to places I could buy beds or bed risers, and plenty of sites where I could learn how to build a platform bed, but nothing that could tell me if it was particularly wise or safe to hoist the bed.

I’d already put it on the risers, but it occurred to me that the main support for the bed was gone and maybe I didn’t trust those wooden slats not to break and have half my mattress go crashing through to the floor. So I took it down and will have to figure out something else to do with my storage boxes. I still need to advertise my old bedframe on freecycle and I still have that sewing machine too. There have been many people saying they want it, or know someone that wants it. However, when I leave those plans to their own devices, they fizzle out and if I nag (even gently) the person about it, I get treated like a nag — go figure. Now that the weather is cooling down, freecycle might be the way to go, or maybe if I haven’t missed Michael’s church sale, it could be a worthy recipient as well.

So what’s the last thing you attempted to look up via Google and were completely unable to find? Next question, the same query but with Wikipedia in place of Google. :nerd: I tend to think that when I can’t find something in Wikipedia, I should start the entry myself, but since I was trying to research it in the first place, I’m pretty much the least qualified to start the ball rolling.

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3 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Well the Yard Sale is not until the 13th of October, and they typically don’t take the donations until the week of, so you have some time to declutter.

  2. Everett says:

    I’ll take the sewing machine! Wednesday night work for you? Want to get a drink at Tonic?

  3. shin says:

    Yay! You have someone who’s an aspiring fashion designer (or perhaps super skilled). I’d take it if I weren’t on the West Coast.. 🙂

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