I’ve gone off her, now.

I really should be posting more clips of these ladies since the new series is in honor of their 20 years of light entertainment, but I was sitting down to watch this episode while chatting with Chris via IM and we were having difficulty conveying to each other which bits might be new and which bits might be old. Which is made even more troublesome by the fact that these are essentially clip shows with a bit of new material thrown in. This one seemed to have a little more new stuff than the last, however.

So I mentioned that in this one they were finally giving up on their obsession with having on Madonna as a guest and Chris thought that I was talking about a bit from a previous special where they were being trained by Dr. Tanya Byron to give up their childish behavior, and while we were discussing that the ladies were discussing their previous guest stars. So I says…

me: They’re dissin’ on Helen Mirren!
him: You just can’t diss on Helen Mirren.
me: Oh they can. And they did!

[flv:fs_mirren.flv 480 264]

If you’re able to see the series, it’s very funny, and they’re also showing some bits that were never included in the DVDs that were put out for sale. After it’s all done, I might post a bit more. I can’t believe I didn’t realize that my girls have been doing their thing for 20 years!

In other news, I believe I have a cold, which makes this brisk weather a curse and a blessing all in one. I love it, really, but it makes my throat all scratchy and my nose all sniffly.

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  1. Everett says:

    Ah. But they can diss on anyone they like. And we’ll love it!

    Meanwhile, if you drink enough vodka, you can tell yourself the sore throat is the alcohol and then you’re magically not sick anymore! Nice plan, eh?

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