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10/8/07 17:32

I still need wine, but after my day, I’m much better off with a little sloth. 😛

The ecopod e1 Home Recycling Center. Simply drop an aluminum can or plastic bottle in the top opening and press the ecostep to hear the sweet sound of compaction. As the ecostep releases, the redeemable container automatically falls into the enclosed collection bin. — Ok, this almost qualifies for the dreaded title “Unitasker”. If I had a nice house and those great free bins where the city/county would come and take away my recyclables, then maybe. Even so, I’m still happy keeping my paper bags in a neat row near my front door or trash bin. I mean I’m checking the site, but I don’t see anywhere that they combined this with a trash can at all. Of course I’m always torn between buying a bunch of nice canvas bags for neighborhood shopping, and keeping the steady supply of plastic and paper bags coming into the house to make it easier to collect bottles, wet trash, prep stuff for donation and other general re-purposing.

If you’re in DC, a fun thing to do is to take a trip down to the Mall to see the Solar Decathlon. Generally this just makes me wish I owned a home so that I could implement some of the ideas in my own space, but it’s also a great experience to see what tomorrow holds for ideas about renewable sources of energy brought to the masses.

I’m a bit surprised to see NY, NY listed here, but the top 10 greenest cities all seem to employ a healthy and friendly mix of public transportation, carpooling or ridesharing, additionally renewable energy sources and a commitment to preserving and restoring natural areas. I have to admit with my brother’s recent accident, that I was a bit anti-car of late, but I’ve changed that assessment to anti-driver. So… carpool, think about it. Also, chances are if you’re living in DC, you really don’t need to drive nearly as often as you think you do. Every time I see a new condo development coming up, I know that even if they have parking or not, it’s going to bring a bunch of people into DC… with their cars. Thank goodness zipcar has its own car sharing spots around the city!

And to end on a light note, a fun article from Treehugger gives tips on How to Green Your Sex Life. Not that any of this is any use to me at the moment, but I sure learned a few things!

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