Crawling along, but making progress

10/8/07 10:25

Today is turning out somewhat productive. It took a while to hunt down Raul and get into the elevator pit, which is a scary place, lemme tell ya. One could host a creepy Halloween party in that room and I was picking spiderweb out of my hair for the next hour. Still, I got my keys back — result!

I wasn’t sure how the keys were gonna go down actually, so I planned to have the day off. Once I was back in possession of them, I did what I usually do on mental health days when I don’t sleep in. I felt guilty about not being in the office, so I got busy around the house. Did tons of laundry, took in a large amount of shirts and sweaters to be dry cleaned after tossing a bunch that I don’t wear and don’t need. It’ll be a hefty bill, but that doesn’t happen all so often, so it’s worth it.

I’m just sorting out dinner, and planning for a good settled-in evening to watch Heroes and then hopefully head to bed shortly afterwards.

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