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Happy Holidays!

It was a pretty busy day and we had our office holiday luncheon/party today, so on the way back we opted to get some pictures taken in front of the tree they’ve put up in the west building lobby. The party was a nice bit of food and drink and desserts for the contract, unfortunately it came right after an all-hands meeting to discuss the state of things and by then we weren’t really hungry so much as we were sleepy from the talking. Well except Brenda, she played the pregnant card and was more than happy to chow down.

While I didn’t have much time for chatting, blogging or reading today, I did manage to get a major project completed, online, and off my back for the time being. I wouldn’t mind drinks in my near future, but a little lie down on the couch sounds just as good.

Hee hee! I just noticed the Flickr logo, which, as far as I’ve noticed, has always said beta. It says something different now, and Flickr, I love you too. 🙂

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