City sidewalks, Icy sidewalks…

Great streets. Crappy sidewalks. I’m really feeling like I should have stayed home today. The walk in was already pretty treacherous, I finally gave up and started walking in the completely clear streets, traffic willing. I finally broke my streak of oversleeping and after leaving the house I’m thinking that I don’t need an alarm clock as much as I could really use a mechanical arm to open my bedroom window at the specified time and then a fan to blow the freezing cold air right up under my covers. That’d get my ass outta bed for sure!

It’s definitely a quiet day here, but even though we were given unscheduled (I still prefer liberal) leave, a lot of people ended up coming in. I was hoping it would be deserted. No matter since I got in early, I’m outta here early. Good thing too as I need to make pretty for heading to a company holiday party this evening with Gregory.

Ooooooh, good news, Bush is giving us the 24th off. That’ll make planning vacation hours a little easier.

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