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1/5/07 20:27
1/5/07 20:25
1/5/07 18:21
For a while I was thinking that whoever’s January this is, I hope they don’t come looking for it at the lost & found. Now I’m kinda wishing they’d come claim it. Then on the way home I had a horrible thought (that Everett or Lindsay are free to steal use)… What if this is a weather system from the future? What if they figured it was too much effort to send organic beings through time, but instead to send atmospheric conditions was a lot easier? Maybe something to do with the poles shifting. Or transferring states of molecular excitation between time periods… I dunno, but please gimme my winter back!

Anyhoo, it was a quiet weekend, did some cooking for J on Friday. Made mustard-roasted red potatoes and a roasted pork loin. I realize why those kitchens on tv always have a double oven. Sometimes you’d spend the entire day cooking and the evening reheating trying to cook everything in sequence! Thankfully I was able to get the potatoes a good way into their roasting before adding the pork to the chamber, but still it wasn’t as precise as I would have liked. I spent the rest of the weekend tidying up, though I did get out for a walk on Saturday. Unfortunately I’m home now as I seem to have caught a little bit of whatever and I totally feel gross. I need to nap soon so I can make it to dinner tonight and actually enjoy it instead of just ordering a salad.

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