Here’s a story… of a Human Calendar

This is absolutely adorable. the human calendar® Finally, something that would be a worthy “web desktop” for Windows XP. As someone who frequently has the theme song from The Brady Bunch running through his head, I find this hilarious and pretty unique and useful. If I had a second monitor that didn’t get a lot of app windows on it, this would totally be that screen’s desktop. They even have an updating embeddable iframe or image that you can include on your site or zomg ur myspace too.

It’s by the same people who created The Human Clock® which I’m pretty sure is still running and hm, comes out as still a wee bit cooler than the calendar, however a clock is readily available in too many spots in a workspace, while most people have to look around for a calendar.

This is on a fun, cool and adding the organic back to the inorganic scale right up there with Human Pong, Space Invaders, Pole Position and Tetris, all part of the GAME OVER project by Guillaume Reymond.

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