Maintain the MacBook Air Manila Meme!

Just after the MacBook Air announcement, Fredo wrote about the AirMail, a notebook sleeve for the MBA that resembles a manila envelope. I can’t help but notice that it looks a lot more polished on their website now than it did a few weeks ago, but maybe the site’s just been prettified up.

Studio Leung

Just this morning I saw Studio Leung’s Mac bag, a slightly different take on the same concept:

Mac bag is an everyday, water-resistant bag that borrows details from the manila envelope – 34.5 x 24.7 x 22 mm – waxed cotton, felt lining, plastic & rubber cord

I just love the design meme that Steve Jobs unleashed when he brought that interdepartmental envelope out on stage. I would love to see the transcript from the brainstorming session where they decided to reveal it in that manner. I like that the Mac bag is avec strap since it would make a cool bag for not only carrying around your MacBook Air (whenever someone decides to auction off their firstborn and buy one) but also a mini document bag with a little bit of office kitsch.

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