Taking all the fun out of shaking! Pt. 2

I said it before and I’ll say it again, shaking the martini is part of the fun! The Cocktail Cyclone Portable Drink Mixer:

Mix and strain like a professional bartender with this acrylic martini shaker. Fill the shaker with the ingredients for your favorite drink, mix it up, remove the cap and pour into a glass through the easy pour spout. The leak proof lid and cap allow you to turn on the cyclone without the mess. The soft touch on/ off switch allows you to easily make the martini of you choice without the effort of shaking. Simply press button to start the cyclone mixing action.

First thought: where does the ice go?! And you don’t use a shaker to stir a martini, it’s just dirtying up another dish. This looks like someone saw the mini-cyclone toys they sell in museum gift shops and figured it’d be a way to market the same device to a new generation. Also, acrylic!? That won’t maintain and conduct the temperature of the cold/frozen ingredients the same way that metal or glass might. This is definitely an “Oooh, cool!” party novelty item, but I’m not sure I’d want to taste anything served up from it.

I suppose if you really needed a “is it or is it not a”-gag gift for an office exchange, this might be kinda fun in a close-knit office. Though I don’t know that I’d want my Secret Santa giving me the gift for when you care enough to say that your recipient is a lush…

Besides, I already bought something today that is going to be far more humiliating to use than this gadget would be to own.

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