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Guy Laroche, Ebony Fashion Fair

This Guy Laroche evening suit perfectly embodies this quote. “If you’re not dressed in the most refined, glittering fabrics, you must be glowing in the richest colors imaginable.” — Eunice Johnson


ads: target…ed

Peeking over a co-worker’s shoulder as we were discussing the comeback of colored denim this year, I noticed that the “Top Picks” in Target’s Women’s jeans section had a fairly appropriate sponsor. 🙄


reality: there’s no whining in fashion!

I don’t watch Project Runway (or any reality shows, they’re a deal-breaker for me) but found the following part of a critique of a recent episode by Tom & Lorenzo–shared by friend J. M. Kincaid–to be both hilarious and appropriate…


idiots: a reason for red-light cameras

The first time I saw this shirt around the neighborhood, I nearly lost my shit cracking up. A little research shows that it had only existed for a few months prior to that sighting. I didn’t know exactly what it...


shopping: zombie attack!

That’s sort of what it felt like when Michael and I went to Macy’s yesterday for a bit of shopping. We were fine in the bedding/linens area, and no one approached us in kitchen/housewares. When we got up to the...


2009: high spirits and a full belly

</2008> <2009> I was told that my last two posts were a little on the Ebenezer Scrooge side. Personally, I think the person that thought that can bite my shiny metal ass, but in this weather they might have trouble...


shopping: what’s your style?

Even though I overindulged a bit on Friday evening out with friends, I was still well enough–or so I thought–to head out with Kyle and hit the malls on a shopping excursion. I don’t have anything to buy for the...


video: cross-dressing… for SCIENCE!!

Another Friday, another homoerotic moment from Mythbusters! The Build Team is fast becoming my favorite part of the show. I think the antics of Adam & Jamie are starting to wear thin, and the Build Team seems to get the...


Yeah, I’m hatin’, what of it?

Given my utter and absolute hatred of reality shows, especially reality competition shows, I can’t help but laugh at this. Last Season’s Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano, is so fierce that he gets to design a dress that will appear...