Don’t Stop The Music…

It’s really hard to feel crap about the morning commute and workday if I cue this up first on my iPod shuffle. I’m not even all that big on Rihanna’s singing ability but it just takes the right producer to find the right combo of beats and they churn out a real winner. Plus it’s the best use of a Michael Jackson sample I’ve heard in a long time:

[flv:dstm.flv 320 230]

It really makes me miss going out dancing. I know that most places aren’t going to play music that’s fun anymore as much as they’ll play stuff they can pad out to an all-night mix because they think the boys are too drunk or tweaked to notice. But I remember the days when I was going to raves and while I can’t speak for others present, my friends and I were clean. Our high was just dancing all night until we had spent all our energy and then coming back the next night for more.

Most of my friends these days, unfortunately, just don’t dance. 🙁

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  1. deejayqueue says:

    put this song right after it and you’ll have 10 good minutes of booty-shakin on the metro!

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