I judge you when…

Gawker t-shirt: Yes, I am quietly judging you.
Yesterday Chris and I were chatting when I sent him that day’s Penny Arcade and he mentioned that he belonged to the Facebook group I judge you when you use poor grammar. It was clearly a day for it as Shindo noticed some really odd Apple copy and Fredo confirmed that not everyone is using their spell/grammar checkers.

My co-workers have said that I’m constantly judging them, but I think they’re giving themselves way too much credit. Besides, the little judgments are much more fun. One I just noticed a short while ago: I judge you when you only travel one floor on the elevator.

Commuting? I judge you when you just have to hold up the train by squeezing through the door. Starbucks? I judge you when you think the drink pick-up area is your personal resting counter. City walking? I judge you as individuals and as a couple when you won’t switch to single-file to let people pass you on the sidewalk!

It’s kinda therapeutic. What little (or big) judgments do you have for people on a day to day basis?

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4 Responses

  1. Lolypup says:

    I judge you when you step onto the train before I had a chance to step my fat ass off.

    I judge you when your so important that your macbook requires a rolling briefcase and your dragging it through rush hour crowds.

    I judge you when you stand to the left on the esculator.

    I judge you when you seem to forget your smart trip card until the last possible second thus wasting precious seconds of my time.

    and finally a non metro related one!

    I judge you when you dont use your fucking blinkers and im trying to cross the damn street you no good license from a cracker jack box driver.

  2. joe says:

    I’m finding that I judge you when you judge.

  3. shindo says:

    Here are some of my “I judge you’s” out to some offenders:

    I judge you when you’re driving 65 mph in the fast line (I’m in Southern California and I occasionally speed when necessary).

    I judge you on bad grammar (this is a job requirement).

    I judge you when the hems of your pant legs rest at your ankles (I’ve seen many a male offender).

  4. deejayqueue says:

    I judge my boss when he calls me into his office to ask me how to open an attached file.

    I judge people who see me walking towards them with a tray full of food yet still spread out to take up both turnstiles because they’re having a conversation.

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