What the–?!

Recounting my last two WTF?! moments. I guess I have them all the time, but there are some pretty big ones from time to time when I see/hear/read something that my brain has a real hard time accepting as true.

Earlier this month, while we were both waiting for “Age of Steel” to finish, Brian and I were chatting away and looking at other online offerings and he found a cover version of The Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t Cha” done by Pop Idol out queer Will Young — well he came out after winning, wasn’t that so brave of him? Actually the cover isn’t that bad, it’s a little downtempo and lounge’ish without being TOO cheesy.Fright Night video cover Still, he doesn’t change the words at all so I no longer have to imagine that song being sung by a man, I can just dial it up on the pod.

And rather than go into this too much, I’ll just say that last night I saw an entertaining film with Stephen Geoffreys (Evil Ed from Fright Night) in one of his roles credited as Sam Ritter. I think it broke my brain, no more details here, only in the comments.

Today’s my ThursdayFriday as a co-worker puts it since I’m out tomorrow. Unfortunately that means all the standard reporting I work up on Friday will need to be done today, though maybe not as much since no one will be here Monday, it’s doubtful many people will be here tomorrow and hell, some people probably aren’t even here today. But I’m all ready for my cocktail party tonight and as Jenifer puts it, Geekfest 2006 tomorrow. X-Men! Woo! Thanks to , I now know to stay in our seats after the credits for a little clip or something.

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