Why do they shout “Charge!” at a baseball game?

7/29/08 17:32

Just back in from my first game at Nationals Park, that’s a pretty amazing stadium. A local firm TMG Strategies invited a few DC area bloggers to enjoy the game in their suite. Aside from a little hiccup between my propensity for showing up early to things and them getting stuck in traffic, I was waiting for a while outside the park and didn’t get to explore as much as I’d like, but I’d go back.

While I was waiting, I sent to twitter:

This is at least ONE place in DC I’m unlikely to run into an ex. Or anyone else I know, for that matter.

Well wouldn’t you know that I was wrong, not just running into one, but they were also a guest in the suite, fun! More about my evening tomorrow, it’s past my bedtime!

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