It’s too bad you can’t blog scents

It smelled so good in here earlier. It was a good domestic weekend, cooking and cleaning and entertaining company. I’m a bit stuffed right now from dinner and sangria so a quick recap.

Friday I finally gave in and had Safeway make a delivery of food after work. I always get giddy when I go from no food in the house to a full pantry. It’s hard to resist just stuffing my face right then and there but I had plans. J invited me down to Adams Morgan for a R.A.T. fundraiser. It was an ok time, and no one else hit me up to do anything. Still it was an amazing night, at least that’s how it felt when I staggered home — cheap Absolut cocktails, oy vey.

The weekend weather threatened to be absolutely gorgeous, but I’m still in the habit of my weekends being downtime from the colder weather. In the morning I watched Idiocracy. It was a lot of fun to watch, on that surprising level like Josie and the Pussycats. I did manage to get out for various things. I had the idea to make sangria so had to run out for sugar, red wine and triple sec. Lemonade later, so I went out for additional lemons and a bag of ice. Then I felt like seeing my old place, so I took a walk down the street and back for a little bit of exercise. I made a brine for roasting a chicken the next day, took out a steak to thaw for dinner that night and spent a while cleaning up and listening to music.

I gave Michael a call to make sure that he was awake and working on his upcoming paper, he’s got no motivation right now poor guy, but I can relate. We were discussing ways to get him going on things and he decided to come down for a visit so I could show him some online searching tips and we could just hang out. I do like having people over, even if my place is a little messy because while they’re here I clean up. Not like whipping out the vacuum cleaner or anything, but I toss stuff out and tidy. It’s just nice to have company. After a bit of working and cleaning and chatting we headed down to Dupont for dinner and wandering around and then grabbed some drinks at Fab Lounge. While we were there, the White House Correspondents Association Dinner let out up the street and there were motorcades and blocked streets and tons of black suvs/limos and people in tuxes and lovely dresses. Kind of a strange scene, all this drunken formal wear filling the streets like some sort of reclaimed prom had just let out. We came back here and ended up chatting til about 1am. It was sort of like old times when we’d hang out at my place in Logan Circle. I kinda miss being in a place where people would just stop by when they were in the area. Aside from dates, there’s only been one other occasion where someone came over for anything since people helped me move in.

4/22/07 13:29
4/22/07 15:07
Today was totally lazy and it was good, I caught up on tv, did a little gaming, listened to some new music and got to cooking. I am so turning into Ina Garten though. I brined, buttered, herbed and roasted yet another chicken and it was delicious. Add to that jasmine rice with garlic and sauteed peppers and onions and I had a good early meal (with the potential to revisit for leftovers a bit later tonight). The sangria really benefits from sitting at least 8 hours and it was so smooth and delicious with the meal. All I’m missing is a balcony or deck to sit outside and read. Well maybe in my next place.

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3 Responses

  1. Tanya D says:

    Damn that chicken looks good! Mine is almost done.

    Glad to hear you are having a good weekend. I’m too lazy to click the link, whats R.A.T?

    • Brian says:

      From their website:

      Really Awesome Times (R.A.T., Inc) is non-profit organization dedicated to providing recreational, respite and other support programs to HIV-positive young people and their families.

      How’d you prepare your chicken?

      • Tanya D says:

        I marinated it with Lawry’s Herb & Lemon marinade in an oven bag overnight. I cooked it at 400 for 1 hr 20 min based on the size of the chicken, and made some mashed potatoes and green beans as side dishes.

        That was one tasty little clucker.

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