Are ya ready, boots?

I really (really, really) wish that my condo board could at least post some form of elevator outage status so that I’ll know when I’m on my way home if I should do my errands before stopping by my place or do my stuff first, so there’s just one walk up. I honestly didn’t notice until I realized that when I pressed the UP button, it was hot. I try to keep my moaning about this place to the essentials, but when things break down and there’s no word or news–it sucks. They’re planning to create a new website (the old one is kinda for crap), so I can only hope that there will be more building news, actual board minutes, etc.

For now, I feel kinda grounded for the evening unless some utterly spectacular plans come up. I realize that I’m outta shape and stairs are good exercise, but if I wanted a 7th floor walk-up, I would have sought one out from the start. 👿

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2 Responses

  1. I walk by your place all the time. Creepy!

  2. brian says:

    @What Liz Said: I love it here, but it does have its annoying moments.

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